Hella Chrome Trumpet Car Horn Set Of 2+Relay
Rs. Rs.1,598.00 14181
Hella Chrome Trumpet Car Horn Set Of 2+Relay

Hella Chrome Trumpet Car Horn Set Of 2+Relay

Rs.1,593.00 Rs.1,598.00
Brand: Hella
Product Code: 205157-J
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Features :

Twin-tone horns have a full harmonic sound.

The broad sound radiation can be heard even at junctions.

Compact Design allows flexibility in mounting location

Snail-Style Trumpet makes horns directional, allowing aiming of sound output

Low on power consumption.

With a strong and clear tone, it gives safe driving experience

Over take becomes easy no matter you are in city or on highway

Unique chrome finish enhances your vehicle presence

Specifications :-

Voltage : 12V

Current consumption : 6 Amp (Max)

Frequency :

Low Tone : 40020 Hz

High Tone : 49020 Hz

Sound pressure : 105-118dB (at 2m from source)

Resistance : 3 m/ Ohm min @ 500 meger

Power Consumption: 2 X 66W

Dimension : 90 mm


Horn relay for safe and optimal performance of car electric circuits


Enhances sound of horns

Increases life of horns

Keep horn sound intact by managing constant power supply

Save horn from getting damage due to fluctuation in current supply


Voltage 12V/24V

Wattage 100/90W

Three Months Warranty against Manufacturing Defects

Package Contents:

Hella Chrome Trumpet Horn Set Of 2 (High tone and Low tone)

Speedwav Horn Wiring Harness Relay

Brand Hella

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