Speedwav 3 in 1 Glass Cleaning Wiper for Car
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Speedwav 3 in 1 Glass Cleaning Wiper for Car

Speedwav 3 in 1 Glass Cleaning Wiper for Car

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Brand: Speedwav
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Light weight and easy to use, now no need to keep cleaning paper, cloth or water bottles to clean your windshield. One product solves your complete problem. This product also has unique foldable feature to save space and can easily be kept under the car seats or storage areas without being much noticeable. Excellent for car windows, windshields and mirrors. This Sponge and Rubber Blade Wiper can be used on surface like- car bodies, windows, fiberglass, tiles, vans and caravans.
Features :
-Double edge durable sponge and rubber blades clean your glasses without fear of scratches and spots.
-The Glass Cleaning Tool improves visibility for all vehicles in all types of weather.
- It works on windows, windshields and mirrors.
-The anti-slip handle is quite comfortable to grip and its superb combination of sponge and rubber wipers makes you clean your Car, Home and Office easier and faster by shaving up the Water Stain.

Product- Glass Wiper
Material- Hard Plastic, Rubber
Handle Size (including liquid storage compartment) - 30 cm
Handle Diameter - 2cm
Wiper Length - 20 cm
Wiper Width - 7 cm
Weight - 200gm
Color - Attractive combination of Blue, White and Light Gray colors

Instructions on how to use:
- Fill the bottle with water and add shampoo
- Mix the water and shampoo thoroughly
- Spray the shampoo based water on glass
- Clean the glass with Sponge side (With Special lint free glass wipe netted cloth)
- Wipe water with the black rubber side for clean and shining glass

Package Content - 1 x Glass Wiper


Brand Speedwav
Category Cleaning
Sub Category Brushes

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