Speedwav Automatic Rollup FM/AM Car Antenna
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Speedwav Automatic Rollup FM/AM Car Antenna

Speedwav Automatic Rollup FM/AM Car Antenna

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Brand: Speedwav
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Poor reception of FM/AM will not be your concern any more with Speedwav Automatic Rollup FM/AM Car Antenna which will provide crystal clear sound of your favorite radio station without any sound distortions, this product will also increase the looks of your vehicle with its auto rollup feature which means whenever you will push FM/AM button on your car music system this antenna will rollup automatically and goes back when music system is switched to USB,CD or any other mode


Easy to fit

Durable to use

Enhances looks of your car

Helps in clear reception of all FM/AM radio

Its auto rollup feature increases your car looks makes it no less than a luxurious VIP car on the road

Antenna Material : Stainless Steel

Note : Fitment is done by drilling a hole(as per requirement of the product) in the front or rear fenders of the car

Package Contents:

1 X Speedwav Automatic Rollup FM/AM Antenna

Type Decorative
Brand Speedwav

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