Abro Car Hanging Perfume (AF-457-IC)- ICE (Set of 3)
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sold-out-image Abro Car Hanging Perfume (AF-457-IC)- ICE (Set of 3)

Abro Car Hanging Perfume (AF-457-IC)- ICE (Set of 3)

Brand: Abro
Product Code: 51918
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Abro Car Hanging Air freshner/perfume

  • Long lasting - Lasts for weeks in home, car and office.
  • They are multi use - They can be hung anywhere, in the car, home, office, cloakroom, bathroom... Basically anywhere to give the place a fresh clean scent.
  • Attached with hanging rope - Safe, simple and easy to use.
  • Highly effective freshener - Offensive odours destroyed.
  • Features:

    Brisk, clean scent
    Bold, attractive packaging
    World-famous quality

    Package Contents:

    3 X Abro Car Hanging Freshner/Perfume

    Type Designer
    Brand Abro

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