ABRO Motor Flush MF-390 50 ml(Set Of 2)
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sold-out-image ABRO Motor Flush MF-390 50 ml(Set Of 2)

ABRO Motor Flush MF-390 50 ml(Set Of 2)

Brand: Abro
Product Code: 51898
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Specifically designed to completely clean and flush an engines lubrication system before changing the oil in your vehicle.

Check engine oil and make sure oil is up to safe level
Add entire contents to cold engine before changing oil and filter.
Idle engine at a normal RPM for 3 minutes
Do not Drive
Drain engine oil and remove oil filter. Replace drain plug and install new oil filter
Refill engine with motor oil

Cleans Engines in 3 Minutes!
Flushes Entire Lubrication System of Your Engine!
Removes Gum, Sludge, Varnish, and Helps Free Sticking Valves, Lifters and Rings!
Quantity - 100 ml

Package Contents:

2 XABRO Motor Flush MF-390 50ml

Brand Abro
Category Cleaning
Sub Category Combo Offers

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