ABRO Wheel Cleaner WC - 160 (946 ml)
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sold-out-image ABRO Wheel Cleaner WC - 160 (946 ml)

ABRO Wheel Cleaner WC - 160 (946 ml)

Brand: Abro
Product Code: 20107
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ABRO WC-160 contains highly specialized cleaning agents to quickly remove road grime, brake dust and stubborn dirt. Safe for all wheels, including factory coated and painted wheels.


For best results wheels should befool. Clean one wheel at a time.

Spray directly on wheel surface.

Allow 30 seconds formula to penetrate.

Rinse with water.

Some surfaces may require a soft cloth of soft brush to remove trapped or stubborn material.

Package Contents:

1 XABRO Wheel Cleaner Wc-160(946ml)

Brand Abro
Category Cleaning
Sub Category Tyre Shiners

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