Car Radiator Assembly
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Car Radiator Assembly

Car Radiator Assembly

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Custom Fit Car Radiator Assembly


Keeps engine cool

Helps engine to work smoothly

Increases performance of the vehicle

Increases life of the vehicle engine

Helps in circulation of of coolant fluid

Prevents from engine from getting seized due to over heating

Reduces overall engines NHV (Noise Harshness and Vibration) level

With detailed fins on the radiator lets air flow between them in moving vehicle cooling the coolant fluid to keep vehicle engine running smoothly

Keep car engine temperature under control which is usually 78.4C or we have seen our car temperature needle in the middle of the gauge which is perfect car engine temperature

Note : Image shown is for display purpose only as product will be sent as per vehicle make and model

This product does not comes with any hose pipe or fan assembly as they are re-used(If not damaged or weak) when radiator is replaced in the vehicle

Package Contents:

1 X Custom Fit Car Radiator Assembly

Brand OEM

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