Coido 6003 Car Polisher+ABRO Carnauba Car Wax Super Gold LW-811 (473 ml)
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Coido 6003 Car Polisher+ABRO Carnauba Car Wax Super Gold LW-811 (473 ml)

Coido 6003 Car Polisher+ABRO Carnauba Car Wax Super Gold LW-811 (473 ml)

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- Wipes off Easily.

- Restores and protects.

- Perfect for all painted surfaces.


Wash car and dry thoroughly.Squeeze ABRO Carnauba Wax Liquid onto a clean, damp cloth. Apply an even layer of was with a circular motion to one area at a time.Let dry to a haze and buff gently with a soft cloth, turning frequently.

It is suitable for polishing and grooming your cars.

Operated at 12V DC. using Car Cigarette Lighter Socket

Streamline appearance.

Do it yourself at home without the hassle of going to a workshop.


Waxing :

After Washing, use dry clean cloth to dry car completely.

Press sponge base into straight onto unit until it locks into place.

Put a thin layer of wax on sponge.

Switch to off position and plug into cigarette lighter socket.

Turn on power and rub with vehicle surface gently.

For Best results, do not use too much wax.

Polishing :

Wait for wax to dry and become white

Remove sponge and replace with buffing pad.

Apply light pressure and slowly push buffer in any direction.


Do not use too much pressure.

If pressed too hard, the motor will slow down and become less efficient.

Keep unit dry all the times.

Do not forces stop it.

Clean sponge pad with mild detergent.

Must be dry completely for next use.

Technical Specifications :

Power: 12v Dc.

Wattage: 36 W(no load)

R.P.M: 520 rpm(no load)

Weight: 500 gms.

Size: 92(W)X225(D)X92.5(H)mm

Material: ABS

Cord Length: 5 M

Accessories: 1XWaxing Sponge,1XBuffing pad.

Package Content:

1 X ABRO Carnauba Car Wax Super Gold Liquid LW-811 (473 ml)

1 X Coido 6003 Car Polisher Polish Shining Machine

Brand Coido
Category Cleaning
Sub Category Polish Machines

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