Combo of 3M Car Shampoo(500 ML) + Speedwav Microfiber Glove Mitt
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Combo of 3M Car Shampoo(500 ML) + Speedwav Microfiber Glove Mitt

Combo of 3M Car Shampoo(500 ML) + Speedwav Microfiber Glove Mitt

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Brand: 3M
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3M Car Wash Shampoo generates the Highest amount of Foam compared to key competitors like Sonax, Vista, etc.Product is Extremely effective with Hard Water too and this is specially critical considering the large number of Customers who use Bore Well water / Tanker Water for washing their cars. 3M Car Wash Shampoo is safe on Paint & does not affect the wax on the car s surface.

Application : Take 10 ml of the 3M Car Wash Shampoo and mix it with 1 liter of Water in a bucket (if available),Agitate the mixture with hand to see superior foam generation with the 3M Car Wash Shampoo, You can let the foam stand for a little while you will notice that the foam level will be high even after letting it stand!



PH Balanced, Easy Rinse Off Rich Foam Formula

Removes Tough Dirt & Road Grime

Safe on Paint, Effective with Hard & Soft Water

Speedwav Microfiber Glove Mitt for Car Cleaning Washingglove having innovative microfiber cloth to suffice all your cleaning needs wether is is your car, bike, home or office. This product will help you in cleaning without getting your hands dirty.

Features :

Micro Fibre type hand glove for car/bike cleaning.

Gentle on your vehicle's finish.

100% Scratch and Lint Free.

Elastic cuff keeps mitt snug.

Holds more soap and water than other wash mitts.

Ideal for clening Car/ Home /Office and other valuable products.

Available in all attractive colors.

Please Note :Colour may vary from shown image.

Package Content:

1 X 3M Car Shampoo(500 ML)

1 X Speedwav Multi Purpose Microfiber Dry/Wet Cleaning Polishing Cloth

Brand 3M
Category Cleaning
Sub Category Shampoos

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