Combo of 4 Way Spanner + Hydraulic Trolly Jack + Tyre Puncture Kit
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Combo of 4 Way Spanner + Hydraulic Trolly Jack + Tyre Puncture Kit

Combo of 4 Way Spanner + Hydraulic Trolly Jack + Tyre Puncture Kit

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Brand: OEM
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1) 4 Way Spanner
Features :

-Easy to use

-4 Sizes Wrench in One Single Piece:
17mm,18mm & 19mm,21mm.

-Selected carbon steel

-Tempered and Hardened steel for long lasting use.




With high quality, glide action pressure pump. Powerful jack makes big loads easy to lift. Definately the easiest way to lift your car.
Compact structure comes in a handy portable blow case which can be easilly stored in the boot of the car.Blow case size: 493 x 225 x 155mm
Easy operation & repair.
Reliable & portable.
Minimum effort for lifting heavy weights.

1) Capacity: 2 tons;
2) Lifting range: 130-330mm;
3) Net weight: 7.5kg

SECIFICATIONS:;1) Capacity: 2MT;
2) Min. height: 125mm;
3) Max. height: 300mm

SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSLifting weight should not exceed the given specified capacity of this jack.;
The jack should always be placed on a flat levelled and hard surface.;
The contact between the top of the jack and the weight must be full.;
Without a supporting rack, it is not allowed to work under the lifted weight after it is raised.;
Read Instructions given along with the jack carefully before operating it.3)Tyre Puncture Kit

Features :

- Car Auto Tubeless Tyre Puncture Plug Repair Kit

- Essential for vehicles with tubeless tyres, this Car Tire Repair Kit will let you mend the puncture quickly and effectively and have you on your way again within minutes.

- The handles on these tools are made from durable plastic and have a great grip.

- Excellent tool to keep in your car with the spare wheel.

- Quick and easy repair tire in short time with this easy to use Tubeless Tire Repair Kit.

- This Puncture Tire Repair Kit is brand new and packaged.
-Detail instructions on back.

Specifications :

- Material: Plastic handle and steel tips

-Rasper Tool Dimension: ~13.5(L) x 10.8(W) x 2.3(T)cm

- Needle Tool Dimension: ~15(L) x 10.8(W) x 2.4(T)cm

-Total Weight: 143g

In the Box :
-1 x Rasper tool for hole widening and cleaning
- 1 x Needle tool for tyre rubber strip insertion
- 5 x Repair rubber strips
- 1 x Multi-Fix Repair Adhesive (acts as solution for repairing puncture)

Brand OEM
Category Utility
Sub Category Tyre Puncture Kits

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