Combo of Speedwav 4 in 1 Emergency Tool & L- Shaped Light
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Combo of Speedwav 4 in 1 Emergency Tool & L- Shaped Light

Combo of Speedwav 4 in 1 Emergency Tool & L- Shaped Light

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Speedwav 4 In 1 Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge, Safety Hammer, Torch, Seat Belt Cuter
-Increase fuel efficiency, environmental friendly & gas-saving.
-4 in 1: digital tire gauge, bright flashlight, emergency hammer,emergency seat belt cutter.
-Reduce tire wear & extend tire life.
-A must have item for monthly-tire-check.
-Stop excessive tire wear with proper inflation.
-Improves vehicle handling and safety.
-With LCD screen display for easy reading.
-Perfectly fits the needs of travelers & drivers.
-Material: engineering plastic.
-Range: 2.0-99.5 PSI, 0.15-7.00 BAR.
-Powered by: cell lithium battery
Size: 18.5cm x 6cm x 3cm.
Place the nozzle of the gauge over the tire valve. Press firmly to ensure good seal and prevent air escaping.
Hold gauge on the valve until the reading on the LCD display locks.
Remove the gauge quickly from the valve an read pressure.
To retake the reading simply place the nozzle over the tire valve again and repeat.
Package Included:
1 x 4 in1 Digital Tire Air Pressure

Mercedes Benz L-Style LED DRL Daytime Running Light - White (Set of 2)
This is a pair of Premium Quality Universal Mercedes Benz Style High Power LED daytime running lights. These Benz style High Power LED daytime running lights are equipped with 12 high power 1W SMD's to create the intense brightness. In addition, these Benz style High Power LED daytime running lights are inspired by modern Mercedes Benz to give your car a VIP looks.
They can be used as daytime lights, parking lights, fog lights, or even signal lights. LED DRL is commonly adopted by the latest European cars makers such as Audi, Porches, Mercedes Benz, etc.
- Daytime Running Lights improve safety while driving. They allow your vehicle to be seen at much further distances. Greatly improves reaction time of oncoming vehicles.
- Extremely long LED life and low power consumption.
- Easy to install. These Daytime running lights come with lock nuts for easy mounting to the grille on your car.
- Enhance overall appearance with extra cool white beam with modern Mercedes Benz style.
- Waterproof for all road conditions.
- Light weight design with lock nuts for universal fitment Get them today and give your car a new VIP look.
Brand Speedwav
Category Utility
Sub Category Tool Kits

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