Combo of Speedwav Car Dining Tray-Black+ Cigarette Ashtray+ Anti-Slip Mat-Beige & 4 in 1 Emergency Tool
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Combo of Speedwav Car Dining Tray-Black+ Cigarette Ashtray+ Anti-Slip Mat-Beige & 4 in 1 Emergency Tool

Combo of Speedwav Car Dining Tray-Black+ Cigarette Ashtray+ Anti-Slip Mat-Beige & 4 in 1 Emergency Tool

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Brand: Speedwav
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Speedwav Foldable Car Travel Dining Tray / Rack / Bottle Holder-Black
Product Details:
Coach potatoes and frequent flyers rejoice in easy-to-install travel dining assistants offering two layers of feasting fundamentals in forms of travel trays. Boasting solid build of ABS plastic available in black, trays display indiscriminate clingy features towards car seats before folding away for open-space conservation. Dividing meals into kingdoms of cup-holders, food tray and smaller compartments for sauce, dining drawers
Dimensions: 35cm x 21cm x 3.5cm
Colour: Black
2-layer travel dining tray for cars
Material: ABS plastic
Easy attachment to rear of car seat via belt (not included)
Folds into compact box to save car space
Easy to clean surfaces
Package includes:
1x two-layer portable travel dining tray
- 2 cup-holders
- 1 food tray
- 1 smaller compartment
- 1 hook
- 1 belt
Features :
This car drink holder is a very nice way to hold your favorite, bottle or cup.
Long-distance drive good assistant
Contemporary design automobile meal plate enhances interior.
It holds cups, bottles or cans and your meal at the same time.
Meal plate drink holder featuring durable plastic construction.
The car multifunction tray is easy to install and use.

Designer Cigarette Ashtray with LED lights for Car / Home / Office
- With 2 independent cigarette vents for makes the flame die out and cigarette holder for holding cigarette butts
- Inner wall is coated with high-density fire resistant plastic layer
- Safe to use
- Can be fixed with drink holder together
- Blue LED light is on when you open the lid
- Easy to clean

Speedwav Dashboard Anti slip Mat - Beige Colour
Features :
-Simply place your things on the automobile dash board and you can prevent them from slipping.
-You can keep your Mobile Phone, Keys, Coins etc
-Place Anything and Drive Tension Free.
-Nothing will fall from it.
-Really Useful and Effective. Amust have accessory for your car.
-Tried and Tested.
-Beige Colour

Speedwav 4 In 1 Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge, Safety Hammer, Torch, Seat Belt Cuter
-Increase fuel efficiency, environmental friendly & gas-saving.
-4 in 1: digital tire gauge, bright flashlight, emergency hammer,emergency seat belt cutter.
-Reduce tire wear & extend tire life.
-A must have item for monthly-tire-check.
-Stop excessive tire wear with proper inflation.
-Improves vehicle handling and safety.
-With LCD screen display for easy reading.
-Perfectly fits the needs of travelers & drivers.
-Material: engineering plastic.
-Range: 2.0-99.5 PSI, 0.15-7.00 BAR.
-Powered by: cell lithium battery
Size: 18.5cm x 6cm x 3cm.
Place the nozzle of the gauge over the tire valve. Press firmly to ensure good seal and prevent air escaping.
Hold gauge on the valve until the reading on the LCD display locks.
Remove the gauge quickly from the valve an read pressure.
To retake the reading simply place the nozzle over the tire valve again and repeat.
Package Included:
1 x 4 in1 Digital Tire Air Pressure
Brand Speedwav
Category Utility
Sub Category Combo Offers

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