Combo of Speedwav Luggage Hanger Hook & Coat Hanger Arc Shaped
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Combo of Speedwav Luggage Hanger Hook & Coat Hanger Arc Shaped

Combo of Speedwav Luggage Hanger Hook & Coat Hanger Arc Shaped

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1. Speedwav Headrest Luggage Hanger Car Holder - Double Hooks


Features: Non-poisonous and odorless, resinous plastic material, abrasion resistant Simple and beautiful design to save space Applicable to the car headrest rod of the diameter of less than 13mm. Convenient to be hung on any headrest rod. Adjusted tortuosity of the holder can bear the max weight of 3 Kg. The holder can suspend shopping bags, packaging bags, leather bags, etc

Operational Instructions: Put the hook of the holder to aim to the headrest rod, hookup the rod from the rightside and pull too the front and lock it. Place your items on the hook When you needing things is too many and heavy , you can use more holders. It is flexible and practical to use the holder with other tools like rope. The back seat of the people can hold your arms of the holder to keep safe.


2. Speedwav Car Travel Coat Hanger Arc Shaped

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Speedwav Car Travel Coat Hanger

Hang jacket, or shirt to keep wrinkle free. Easily to mount and removable. Compact design for transportation.

This is the perfect hanger for use in cars.

Say good-bye to ruffled clothing when traveling on business. Simply attach the Car Coat Hanger with the handle to keep jacket or shirt wrinkle free.

Auto Coat Hanger is made of a durable hard plastic materials and Aluminium suitable for coats, jackets, shirts and etc.

This hanger is an absolute must for anyone who needs to look their best during meetings, in the office or on the road.

Material: Plastic and Aluminium

Package Contains:
1 x Car Coat Hanger

Brand Speedwav
Category Utility
Sub Category Combo Offers

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