Compressor + Tyre Puncture kit + 5 in Hammer
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Compressor + Tyre Puncture kit + 5 in Hammer

Compressor + Tyre Puncture kit + 5 in Hammer

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Electronic Car Tyre Inflator Pump Compressor Plastic Body

Imagine a situation you are on your Bike or Car on a Highway and you
come to know that your Tyre is flat & even your stepney is also flat in
such a situation if you have this foot pump you can fill air in the
punctured tyre by your own and then you can quickly drive to the
nearest Tyre/ tube repair shop as you know air only slowly comes out
from a moving Tyre so even in a normal punctured tyre if you fill air
it lasts for more than 1KM.

Features :
High qualilty air compressor
Shows accurate tire pressure.
150 psi guage to measure tire pressure.
Mettalic nozzles(Other compressors have plastic nozzles)
Comes with an air flow of 35L/Min, the best in all the compressors.
Max presure-150psi.
1 x Plastic Body Air compressor
2 x Nozzle Adapters.
1 x Sports needle

Car Bike Tubeless Tyre Puncture Repair Kit
Features :

- Essential for vehicles with tubeless tyres, this Car Tire Repair Kit
will let you mend the puncture quickly and effectively and have you on
your way again within minutes.

- The handles on these tools are made from durable plastic and have a
great grip.

- Excellent tool to keep in your car with the spare wheel.

Detail instructions on back.

- Material: Plastic handle and steel tips

In the Box :
-1 x Rasper tool for hole widening and cleaning
- 1 x Needle tool for tyre rubber strip insertion
- 5 x Repair rubber strips
- 1 x Multi-Fix Repair Adhesive (acts as solution for repairing

Speedwav 5 in 1 Car Led Flashlight Alarm Emergency Hammer Safety Belt Cutter Auto Tool

Here comes a 5 in 1 Multifunction Auto-used LED Flashlight Emergency
Lighting Hammer. As this Emergency Hammer is with Seat Belt

Brand OEM
Category Utility
Sub Category Tyre Puncture Kits

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