Hella N.Gen Trumpet Horn IAM007 728-0811
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sold-out-image Hella N.Gen Trumpet Horn IAM007 728-0811

Hella N.Gen Trumpet Horn IAM007 728-0811

Brand: Hella
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Hella Twin Tone Compact Horn Kits are a great, economical way to improve conspicuity and safety. Their size allows easy mounting.

Ideal for :-

Performance for all vehicles

Features :-

*Electric two-tone fanfares have a full, harmonic sound.
*The broad sound radiation cannot be overheard even at junctions.
*Compact Design allows flexibility in mounting location
*Snail-Style Trumpet makes horns directional, allowing aiming of sound output
*Compact design with low power consumption.
*With a strong and clear tone, it gives safe driving experience having wide-angle sound propagation.

Specifications :-

Voltage : 12V
Current consumption : 6 Amp (Max)
Frequency :
Low Tone : 40020 Hz
High Tone : 49020 Hz
Sound pressure : 105-118dB (at 2m from source)
Resistance : 3 m/ Ohm min @ 500 meger
Type of sound : Disc Horn, Metalic
Power Consumption: 2 X 66W
Dimension : 90 mm
Part No.:
Set : IAM 007 424-901


Set of 2pc(High tone and Low tone)


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