K& N RC-1060 Bike Air Filter High Performance
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K& N RC-1060 Bike Air Filter High Performance

K& N RC-1060 Bike Air Filter High Performance

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Experience a drive of life time with K&N air filter which gives your bike engine a new way to breath and perform at its best. It not only increases the performance but will also improve the throttle response of your bike. Difference between normal air filter and a K&N air filter. With K&N air filter your bike receives maximum air inflow which means better performance. It reduces the chances of carbon deposits in your bike engine where as normal air filter restricts the air flow needed by your bike and also increases the chance of carbon deposit in your bike engine. It helps in increasing the mileage of your bike as your engine runs cleaner than with a normal air filter. K&N air filters are lifelong air filters which means they will be with your vehicle till you want. No filter changing required, you just need to clean K&N air filter after every 6000 to 8000 Kms (earlier if the area is very dusty).


Provides 100% Air Flow

Durable And Reliable

Lifelong air filter

Improves mileage and performance

Helps Engine To perform At Its Best

Improves Throttle response

Filter Material: Cotton Gauze

Can be cleaned and re-used (Use only K&N recharge kit to clean the filter)

Package Contents: 1 X K&N RC1060 Stock Replacement Air Filter

Bike Make Universal
Bike Model Universal
Brand K&N

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