Meguiars NXT Generation Car Wash - 532ml
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sold-out-image Meguiars NXT Generation Car Wash - 532ml

Meguiars NXT Generation Car Wash - 532ml

Brand: Meguiar's
Product Code: 54187
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Meguiar's NXT Generation Car Wash leaves an eye-dazzling finish by itself or prepares your finish for application of Meguiar's NXT Tech Wax.


For best results ensure car is cool to the touchand in thr shade.

Rinse surafce with water. Pour 4capsful of product in to the wash bucket and add 4 ltrs of water init.

Apply the dilution to the paint surface with wash mitt.

Rinse car thoroughly by flowing water gently from top to bottom to promote sheeting action.

For best results immediately wipe off remaining water with soft towel or with prevent water spotting

Package Content:

1 XMeguiar's NXT Generation Car Wash - 532ml

Brand Meguiar's
Category Cleaning
Sub Category Shampoos

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