Meguiars Ultimate Quick Wax Wash-450ml+Magic Sponge
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Meguiars Ultimate Quick Wax Wash-450ml+Magic Sponge

Meguiars Ultimate Quick Wax Wash-450ml+Magic Sponge

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The Meguiar Ultimate Quick Wax Consists Of Hydrophobic Polymer Technology. It Makes Paint Come Alive With A Deep, Wet-Look Shine Which You Would Expect Only From Liquid Or Paste Waxes. It Provides Protection And Relentless Water Beading Thatlasts For Weeks.#Meguiar Ultimate Quick Wax Is The Fastest Way To Get A Dazzling, Show-Car Shine. Its New Technology Leaves No White Residue On Plastic And Trim, And It Can Even Be Applied In Direct Sunlight. Simply Mist On And Wipe Off. The Procedure Is So Fast And Easy That You Can Wax Your Entire Car In Few Minutes.#Meguiar Ultimate Quick Wax Proves To Be The Most Remarkable Spray Wax Youll Ever Use. Its A Breeze To Use And Provides Great Convenience.

Cleaning and washing your vehicles with old cloths has become an outdated fashion now, use Speedwav Car/Bike Wash Magic Sponge which will give you fast and better cleaning results with less efforts.

The fun of cleaning does not end with effortless cleaning this product is not an ordinary sponge it has magic in it which means it will expand when soaked and used with water , so enjoy washing your vehicle with Speedwav Car/Bike Wash Magic Sponge

Magic Features:

Easy to use

Super Absorbent

Ideal for cleaning all surfaces

Harmless on car/bike paint and other sensitive arrears

Soak in water and see the magic (The sponge will expand)

Please Note: Colour would be sent as per availability

Package Contents:

1 X Meguiar Ultimate Quick Wax Wash

1 X Speedwav Car/Bike Wash Magic Sponge

Brand Meguiar's
Category Cleaning
Sub Category Shampoos

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