Napoleon Canon Shaped Air Freshener Refillable Perfume for Car
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Napoleon Canon Shaped Air Freshener Refillable Perfume for Car

Napoleon Canon Shaped Air Freshener Refillable Perfume for Car

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Brand: Napoleon
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About the Product:
Made with fine craftsmanship, a true collector s edition canon styling and fascinating fragrance gives this classy perfume a unique must-have for every favourite place of yours like car , home , office desk, etc. The design is quite lifelike and is also a great gifting idea for your loved ones.
It is necessary to add a final classy touch to your car, home or office interior and this can be done through Napoleon Bottle Shape aromatic perfume. It keeps your car, home or office environment fresh and invigorating that further makes your living or drive, a pleasant experience. It is the best air freshener that creates a perfect ambiance.
Napoleon Bottle Canon Shaped Perfume provides fresh and clean interior to the car which gives a pleasing driving experience that makes a journey the most mesmerizing one.
Even though we strive to keep our homes, offices and our car clean and tidy; it never feels enough. Malodorous that linger in our home just before guests arrive or a stench that doesn't seem to go from our car can not only affect our mood, but also the mood of our guests. Hence, to keep the ambiance up-to the mark fresh and stylish, Napoleon Canon ShapedBottle Shape Air Freshener is the way to go!
Benefits of Napoleon Bottle Shape car, Home and Office perfume:
One of the best designed perfumes ever giving your car / home / office desk a classy stylish look. Re-freshens the mood & enhances the ambiance.
Bottle can be refilled "N"any no. of times with any choice of your favourite liquid air fresherenes/ perfumes
Helps to get rid of musty mildew and other undesirable odor.
Purify the remain cigarette smoke.
Innovative design.
Emits a refreshing and mild smell.
The highest grade liquid perfuming agent packed in an aromatic master piece.
NET : 35ml.
Emits a refreshing and mild smell.

Type Designer
Brand Napoleon

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