OEM Brake Rotor Disc Set of 2 FRONT
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OEM Brake Rotor Disc Set of 2 FRONT

OEM Brake Rotor Disc Set of 2 FRONT

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OEM Fit Brake Rotor Disc

Brake Rotor disc slows down or stops the wheel when the brake pads are pushed towards it. The pushing of brake pads results into the building of friction. And this friction results into heat. A cycle of heat energy to kinetic energy conversion is carried to stop the car. During this heat cycle process, the brake disc goes through continuous expansion and contraction caused by heating and cooling. This causes the wear and tear of brake discs . One must replace the brake discs if they are worn out or become too thin. Worn out brake discs results in a vibrating sensation when the brakes are applied and the braking system can permanently fail if the brake discs are not checked and replaced on time.


Direct replacement of stock disc plate in the vehicle

Increases safety due to its perfect braking ability

Durable metal does not let disc worn out easily

Increases driving confidence on high speeds

Keeps you safe in unwanted situations of sudden braking

Note : Disc plate needs to be replaced immediately if existing disc plate have appearing lines which may cause disrupted barking

Image shown is for display purpose only, disc would be actual as per vehicle make model

Package Contents:

2 X OEM Fit Brake Rotor Disc

Brand OEM

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