Panda Car Natural Air Freshner Gel Perfume
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Panda Car Natural Air Freshner Gel Perfume

Panda Car Natural Air Freshner Gel Perfume

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Brand: Panda
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A unique compact air freshener, specially designed for use with your car vent system. A watery citrus fragrance with some fresh spicy hints.inspired by the energetic walk over the mountains and the waterfalls filled with fog.

Imagine you are standing before a waterfall covered with morning dew, a deep breath and feel the fresh air, pure as invigorating for you to start a new day full of excitement.With the clamp on the door of the air conditioner wind unique design can adjust the level to emit a scent that will help you control the amount of scent emitted over the vehicle and time using the product.

Available in four Colors

Pink Black Brown GreenNote-Color Dispatch May vary As Per Availability

Type Designer
Brand Panda

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