Speedwav 9 LED Car Aux Fog Light Assembly Round
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Speedwav 9 LED Car Aux Fog Light Assembly Round

Speedwav 9 LED Car Aux Fog Light Assembly Round

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Brand: Speedwav
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Speedwav 9 LED Aux Fog Light


Low on battery consumption

Does not need any extra relay to light up

Light Weight Aluminum metal does not add any extra weight to the vehicle

Reliable and durable

Can be attached to the headlight wiring or can be installed with the help of separate switch to light it up

Provides brighter wide and long throw of light on the road letting driver to be at ease while driving in night

Waterproof and dustproof glass cassing with shake-proof metal clips providing distort free lighting on any terrain

Keeps you safe with its bright wide and long glow of light in hazy weather conditions when visibility is near to zero

Can be also attached to the leg guard of the bike in order to have a wider a beam throw on the road

Technical Specifications :

Light Color : White

Temperature when lit : 6000K

Light output : 2150 Lumens

High intensity LED : 27W (9LED x 3W )

Package Contents:

1 X Speedwav 9 LED Car Aux Fog Lights

Color White
Brand Speedwav

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