Speedwav Car Rain Wind Door Visor Set
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Speedwav Car Rain Wind Door Visor Set

Speedwav Car Rain Wind Door Visor Set

Brand: Speedwav
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Speedwav Car Rain Wind Door Visor

Item Description :

Name: Sun rain Visors Sheltered panel

Car model: special model car need special sun rain visors

Material: High quality ABS plastic, black color

Usage :

1. With this visor/panel mounting on your car window, no matter in rainy days or sunny days, you can open the car window to breath fresh air without worrying the rain or sun going into the car.

2. Perfect compact and streamlined design, reducing the noise generated by wind shear is fully taking into account.

Use instructions :

1. Double-sided adhesive is on the mounting surface, easy to stick them on your car window frame!

Features :

1. Under any environmental conditions, it can keep fresh air convection, improve air circulation inside the car, and protect the car suitable for human needs!

2. Because it can keep air convection, so it can stop the fogs generating on the window glass.

3. To shade the strong sun light and UV, low the temperature in the car, stop the rain, snow and sands to come into the car.

4. Good shape design, perfectly match your car, make your car more beautiful and comfortable.

5. Made of High quality ABS plastic, fine and smooth surface, the edge is carefully preceded to avoid hurt your finger.

Color Black
Brand Speedwav

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