Speedwav Faux Leather Multi-Console Box-Black
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Speedwav Faux Leather Multi-Console Box-Black

Speedwav Faux Leather Multi-Console Box-Black

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Comfort yourself with our Faux Leather Multi-Console Box that has a spacious interior and fits most of the car which have no armrest. This easy to install armrest has an adjustable width which is designed in a way that it comforts your arms to reduce muscle discomfort and fatigue.

How to Install:

Please use support stand after adjusting a width of users convenience.

To connect main body to support stand, pull the drink holder off end-line at rear parts and then connect using bolts.

After finishing the main assembly, please use dual adhesive tapes to ground the main body properly.

Package Contents:

1 x Speedwav Carfu Leather Finish Multi-Console Box-Black

Brand Speedwav

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