Speedwav LED LASER Brake Light With Flasher-BLUE
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Speedwav LED LASER Brake Light With Flasher-BLUE

Speedwav LED LASER Brake Light With Flasher-BLUE

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Brand: Speedwav
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Riding in dense fog has always been an hassle no matter you are riding with full glow of your headlight there are always chances where you can bang the car in front or someone can hit you from behind due to low visibility but now you do not need to worry with Speedwav Path Line Safety Led Lazer Brake Light which will keep your riding line defined to other riders and keeps your safe on the road in hazzy weather conditions

A must have product for bike tourers to have a safe ride in all weather conditions


Easy to fit

Unique combination of LED lights (improves visiblity) and Laser lights (highlights path); Safety and Styling in one product

Works with 12V bike current

Idol to be installed at the back side of the bike

Also can be used as secondary brake light of the vehicle

Package Contents:

1 X Speedwav LED LASER Brake Light

Brand Speedwav

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