Speedwav Pressure Spray Jet Gun 10 meter + Long Microfiber Duster+ Abro Shampoo
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Speedwav Pressure Spray Jet Gun 10 meter + Long Microfiber Duster+ Abro Shampoo

Speedwav Pressure Spray Jet Gun 10 meter + Long Microfiber Duster+ Abro Shampoo

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With handle to turns unit on and off.
Adjustable spray nozzle adjusts from pencil point to fan spray pattern .
Total 4 different spray modes .
Tough, high impact molded body.
Light weight and portable
Dimension:- 10 meters
Weight:- 400 gm

Durable Gun Water Spray is ideal for garden watering and vehicle cleaning, etc.
The Gun Nozzle Water Lever Spray is made of solid plastic body-plated, and the flexible hose connector is also constructed of plastic material..
Easy to install, this Nozzle Water Lever Spray Gun can be mounted in seconds.Rubber connector for taps with a hole

ABRO Wash-N-Glo is a concentrated car wash with Carnauba Wax that will leave your automobile looking like it was washed by a pro. cleans and shines in one easy step and is safe for all finishes, including clear coats. Contains no harsh detergents or abrasives.


Mix one (1) ounce of ABRO WASH-N-GLOW to each gallon of water. Rinse entire vehicle with cool water before washing. Wash vehicle. Rinse frequently and completely with clean water. Dry with a soft cloth or chamois. Never wash in direct sunlight.

Quantity- 100 ml

Microfiber Duster is the perfect product for your vehicle?s cleansing needs. Superior quality material makes it apt for daily washing of your car.

Key Features :
- Scratch-Free Microfiber Duster
- Use Dry for Dusting or Polishing
- Use Wet for Exterior Car Wash
- Very Efficient Tool for Removing Dust from the Interior and Exterior of Car
- Microfiber Brush is Easier to Use and Maintain than a Cotton Brush
- Comes with Storage Bag
- Perfect for metallic exteriors
- Quick and efficient cleaning
- Works with any kind of cleansing product.

Package Contents:

1 XSpeedwav Pressure Washing Multifunctional Water Spray Jet Gun 10 meter Hose Pipe

1 XABRO Wash-n-Glow Shampoo (100 ml)

1 XSpeedwav Microfiber Duster Washable for Dry / Wet Cleaning

Brand Speedwav
Category Cleaning
Sub Category Combo Offers

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