Speedwav Pressure Spray Jet Gun 10 meter + Small Duster + Microfiber Glove
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Speedwav Pressure Spray Jet Gun 10 meter + Small Duster + Microfiber Glove

Speedwav Pressure Spray Jet Gun 10 meter + Small Duster + Microfiber Glove

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With handle to turns unit on and off.
Adjustable spray nozzle adjusts from pencil point to fan spray pattern .
Total 4 different spray modes .
Tough, high impact molded body.
Light weight and portable
Dimension:- 10 meters
Weight:- 400 gm

Durable Gun Water Spray is ideal for garden watering and vehicle cleaning, etc.
The Gun Nozzle Water Lever Spray is made of solid plastic body-plated, and the flexible hose connector is also constructed of plastic material..
Easy to install, this Nozzle Water Lever Spray Gun can be mounted in seconds.Rubber connector for taps with a hole

Microfiber Duster is the perfect product for your vehicle?s cleansing needs. Superior quality material makes it apt for daily washing of your car.

Key Features :
Scratch-Free Microfiber Duster
Use Dry for Dusting or Polishing
Use Wet for Exterior Car Wash
Very Efficient Tool for Removing Dust from the Interior and Exterior of Car
Microfiber Brush is Easier to Use and Maintain than a Cotton Brush
Comes with Storage Bag
Perfect for metallic exteriors
Quick and efficient cleaning
Works with any kind of cleansing product.

Speedwav Microfiber Glove Mitt for Car Cleaning Washingglove having innovative microfiber cloth to suffice all your cleaning needs wether is is your car, bike, home or office. This product will help you in cleaning without getting your hands dirty.

Features :

Micro Fibre type hand glove for car/bike cleaning

Gentle on your vehicle's finish

100% Scratch and Lint Free

Elastic cuff keeps mitt snug

Holds more soap and water than other wash mitts

Ideal for clening Car/ Home /Office and other valuable products

Available in all attractive colors

Please Note :Colour may vary from shown image

Package Contents:

1 XSpeedwav Pressure Washing Multifunctional Water Spray Jet Gun 10 meter Hose Pipe

1 XSpeedwav Microfiber Glove Mitt for Car Cleaning Washing)

1 XSpeedwav Microfiber Duster Washable for Car / Bike / Home Cleaning - Small

Brand Speedwav
Category Cleaning
Sub Category Combo Offers

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