Turtle Wax Minute Wax Spray For Cars (500 ml) -77000075
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sold-out-image Turtle Wax Minute Wax Spray For Cars (500 ml) -77000075

Turtle Wax Minute Wax Spray For Cars (500 ml) -77000075

Brand: Turtle Wax
Product Code: 26042
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Car wash and car care products have been synonymous with Turtle Wax since 1953. Today Turtle Wax is still the leader in car care products and car wash innovation. Whether you need the famous Turtle Wax Original Car Wax , leather cleaning & conditioning products, clay bars, tyre shine, bug and tar remover, or a high foam car wash, Turtle Wax has you covered bumper to bumper. If you are interested in simply keeping your vehicle clean and tidy or are looking for the perfect finish, Turtle Wax has the right products for you. Car enthusiasts agree that when detailing a car there is no substitute for Turtle Wax car care products and car wash.

Turtle Wax Minute Wax Trigger Minute Wax is an ultra fast spray wax. Simply spray on, wipe off to reveal a long lasting shine. With no waiting for the wax to dry to haze and no rubbing. It's a fast and easy way to wax all paint surfaces, including metallic.

=>A convenient gloss enhancing wax,
=>Fast and long lasting shine.
=>Polishes in 15 minutes
=>ultra fine polishing agents remove dirt and grime without hard work
=>sunstop protects against UV light
Quantity: 500ml trigger spray.

Brand Turtle Wax
Category Cleaning
Sub Category Polishes

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