Speedwav Car Seat Vibrating Massage Cushion BLACK
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Speedwav Car Seat Vibrating Massage Cushion BLACK

Speedwav Car Seat Vibrating Massage Cushion BLACK

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Brand: Speedwav
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Feel at ease while driving or travelling anywhere with Speedwav Car Seat Vibrating Massage Cushion. This will provide you with the ulitimate comfort on the go. It's vibrating massaging technique will keep you stress free and relaxed no matter whether you are driving in city traffic or on a long drive

It is the ideal car seat vibrating massage cushion for back with adiquate lumber support.


Hi-Tech physiotherapy design is adopted to correct the sitting posture of the back and relax the waist when you sit for a long time
With in line High/ Low/Off switch, the vibration can be adjusted according to your needs
The design is reasonable with the massage function and contributes to blood circulation of the body
This Back Seat Massage Pad is suitable for 12V DC power socket i.e. any car's cigarette lighter socket
It features soft sponge stuffing with removable fabric cover
Back of the cushion has an elastic strap to hold it in its preffered position
Dimension: 13.5 x 12.5 x 4"(LWH)
Weight - 537g.
Note: The product is compatible to vibrate only in the car's electric socket using 12V DC current. It should not be put into the electrical power socket of AC power. Any attempt like that may cause irrepairable electrical damage to the product.
Package Contents:

1 x Speedwav Car Seat Vibrating Massage Cushion Black

Type Vibrating
Brand Speedwav

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